OM: one locker room, two dynamics


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Let’s fight. This is the word that could characterize not only the last week of Olympique de Marseille, but also its season. Since their last match in Lille (1-2), OM are almost certain to finish in third position in Ligue 1. Questions about the future are therefore going well.

We already know that we will see a high turnover of players, but what about the coach? Igor Tudor arrived last summer to impose his vision, but also that of the club, of modern football. Understand: a largely physical football. Given that the initial objective will not be achieved – a second place – what about the coach?

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OM: Igor Tudor dismisses Payet and Tavares!

In the camp of the Marseille leaders, we continue to say that we are happy with his work and that we want to continue with him. However, Tudor’s desire to find Italy exists and it will also be necessary to deal, for the last two matches, with a loose locker room.

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There are three disgruntled

In the entourage of the Marseille locker room, it is explained that the upheavals are largely due to the dissatisfied. They are three in number: Mattéo Guendouzi, Nuno Tavares and Dimitri Payet. The former is Pablo Longoria’s number one selling target and it looks like England are reaching out to him. The second is only on loan from Arsenal – where he will return – and his relationship with Tudor has not been good for a while.

Dimitri Payet is currently suspended until the end of the season. He will then have one year left on his contract with a low salary and bonuses for the number of matches played. Without forgetting that he also has a retraining clause to be a club manager, which does not delight the thinking heads of Marseille at the moment.

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Rongier navigates between two waters, the very professionals understand

In the midst of all this, Captain Valentin Rongier is sailing. He is obviously close to Dimitri Payet and Mattéo Guendouzi, with whom he plays padel games, but he is also the captain of Tudor and an important player according to the leaders of OM. Some don’t really take sides.

On the professional side, we fully understand the requirements of the Croatian coach and, consequently, the sanctions that were announced last week. There will only be two games left at OM this season and therefore as much time for Igor Tudor to maintain a locker room so the balance seems precarious. Before the big maneuvers of this summer.

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