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Okada Says NJPW Is ‘Far Superior’ To WWE, Sexy Star Comments On Rosemary Incident


As noted, over the weekend Sexy Star purposefully injured Rosemary’s shoulder at the end of their Reina de Reinas Championship Match at AAA’s TripleMania XXV event.

In the video above, on a reality show Sexy Star was asked about the incident

“This have been very difficult days for me,” Sexy Star said. “Last Saturday, I was in a championship fight; was very hard. I think everything got out of hand. I don’t know, I am still confused with the situation. I’d like to remain quiet and when the time is right I will speak on the subject.”

“Men and women want to finish me, make me retire from the sport. I am still here, as I stated in the beginning, I will not stop representing all those women that have been mistreated physically or psychologically. I believe that I have to stronger. If at a moment I went through depression and got out of it, I will also get out of this one. I was doing what I had to do, what the people deserved, to go all in clawing until the end. That’s what happened, I submitted her. It appears the girl is injured, I don’t know, [it] is not something I am aware off. That’s all I can say.”

– Pro Wrestling Illustrated spoke with Kazuchika Okada, who was number one in this year’s PWI 500. Okadawas asked if he ever considered going to WWE, much like AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.

“It’s not something I think about,” Okada replied. “New Japan is far superior to WWE when it comes to the quality of the roster and the quality of the matches. One thing I will say is that I do pay attention to what Finn Balor, AJ, and Nakamura are doing, and they look like they’re having fun. I might want to wrestle them again someday, but I might want to do that in New Japan. Hell, I might want to be like some other people and become a movie star or join the UFC. You never know.”

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