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NXT Results From Highland Heights 5/19/17


* No Way Jose and Wesley Blake faced off in one on one action. Jose got the crowd going, doing some dances and chants, and a few comical wrestling moves. The match ended in a DQ when Blake put his jacket around Jose’s face. Jose fought back and put on Blake’s jacket. He hit him with a forearm and hyped out the crowd.

* Next up was Sonya Deville vs Lacey Evans. Lacey’s young daughter was sitting front row. Sonya got tremendous heel heat and kept beating Lacey down and pointing to her daughter. This actually caused her daughter to legitimately cry. Sonya controlled most of the match and ended up with the win.

* Drew McIntyre vs Patrick Clark. McIntyre got a huge pop and many welcome back chants. McIntire had a strong start, not allowing Patrick out of a headlock. Patrick then preceded to take over the match, until McIntire hit a big boot for the win.

* Aleister Black faced Oney Lorcan. Aleister was quickly rushed into the corner by Oney. Black was able to capitalize on Oney with a Black Magic out of nowhere for the win.

* A triple threat match for the Women’s Title was next. Ruby Riot vs. Asuka vs. Nikki Cross. This was a very solid match that had a lot of energy from the crowd. Asuka was able to pick up the win, pinning Nikki.

* DIY vs Sanity. The match was off to a great start. Both Eric Young and Wolfe were outside of the ring, and it appeared Ciampo went for a flying knee on the outside. Yelling was instantly heard. The ref ran over and quickly gave the X signal. A medic ran over to assist. Ciampo grabbed hold of the ring to get himself up and quickly hopped to the back. Johnny Gargano looked seriously concerned about his partner. Afterwards, the match was declared a no contest. Eric Young and Sanity joined the ring. Eric cut a promo saying that’s what happens when you mess with the most dangerous team. Killian came out to join them in the ring.

* Kassius Ohno quickly came out. A match began between Kassius and Killian with Sanity banned from ringside. Killian was busted open from a boot from Kassius. Killian eventually picked up the win, with Sanity coming in after the match to attack Kassius. No Way Jose came out to even the odds. Kassius and Jose posed in the ring afterwards.

* The main event was Roderick Strong and Hideo Itami vs. Andrade Cien Almas and Bobby Roode. Roode and Rodrick started in the ring. Lots of “glorious” chants and showboating from Roode. Roode demanded Rodrick to tag in Hideo. The tag was made and the two circled each other, with Roode tagging in Cien and exiting the ring. The two would make quick tags and worked on Rodrick. Rodrick eventually made a tag to Hideo and him and Roode squared off. He put him up for a GTS, but tagged Cien. Roode grabbed his belt (which was the old belt for some reason) and tried to strike Hideo. He missed and Rodrick sent him out of the ring. Hideo hit a GTS on Cien for the win. The two celebrated, with Hideo leaving to the back and Strong getting to high five some fans at ringside.

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