nWo Rumors, John Cena Wrestling House Show in China, Matt Hardy Working Through Injury


John Cena announced on Friday via Twitter that he will be wrestling at the house show in Shanghai, China on September 1. Cena’s last match was against Triple H at The Greatest Royal Rumble back in April.

Matt Hardy revealed on Twitter, “I’ve recently learned that my lower back & pelvis have started fusing together.” Referencing the reason that this is happening is likely due to to the double leg drop splash combo that he and Jeff Hardy used to do, “EVENT OMEGA”.

Regarding the recent nWo reunion rumors. This report comes from WrestleZone. A reader of that site reported that he was visiting Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop in Orlando Thursday afternoon. The store was closed for a few hours but Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash could be seen inside with a camera crew filming. Once the filming was over the nWo trio exited the store and the fan was able to take pictures and very briefly talk with them. Of note they wouldn’t answer questions what they were filming for and they were all wearing their nWo gear including Hogan, sporting his black beard. Dave Meltzer added that it isn’t know yet if the filming is for a WWE project or not.

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