‘Novak Djokovic served brilliantly’, says former ATP star


In the run-up to the Australian Open, there were doubts about what the public’s reaction to Novak Djokovic would be. And although it could not have been better at first, there is never a lack of fans who mess with the Serbian in matches. That happened in his second round match against the Frenchman Enzo Couacaud, where ‘Nole’ showed his discomfort to the chair umpire over the screams that were heard at the Rod Laver Arena. “I am not generalizing, almost all the public has been very correct, the vast majority. I mean a few individuals who have crossed the line on several occasions. From the beginning of the game, a group of boys was insulting me and disrespecting me every time I went to get my towel near the stands. It was obvious that they were under the influence of alcohol. I put up with it for an hour and a half, almost two hours even. I already had to signal to the chair umpire, that, with the supervisor, they must be attentive to these things, it is his responsibility, ”commented the nine-time tournament champion. “Stopping the game when I went to talk to the judge I seemed like the bad boy. This shouldn’t be the case, it puts us players in a situation where we always have to step up and complain. I can take five or six times when they tell me things, but I have a limit. I asked the chair if he was going to do something and in the end he did, and I thanked him, ”he added. Throughout his career, Djokovic has been through many similar situations that have led him to have challenging attitudes, which he has been putting aside in recent years. Do you think the fans have been unfair to Novak Djokovic?

Wilander comments on Djokovic

Former World No. 1 Mats Wilander recently expressed concern about Novak Djokovic’s hamstring injury at the ongoing 2023 Australian Open. “That is not reassuring, because I don’t remember him saying anything like that about his body. I really don’t,” Wilander said. “The good think for Novak, when he’s a little bit injured, he can do so much with a tennis ball these days, he can flatten out the forehand, and for his serve. He served brilliantly,” Wilander said. “As long as he can go through the matches, he’ll find another way of playing tennis that I think very few players can do. Of course, it’s a worry, but tactically he’ll play on one leg if he has to,” he added.

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