Novak Djokovic furious with Eurosport media: “They are lynching me”


Novak Djokovic has complained to the Eurosport media, that he is being publicly lynched over the toilet issue he was accused of during the Australian Open 2023.

During the challenge against Carballes Baena, Nole told the umpire that he needed to use the toilet. TV commentators Mark Petchey and John Fitzgerald have questioned Djokovic’s need to use the toilet so early in the match.

A Eurosport post said: “Novak Djokovic challenged the referee to take an early bathroom break in his first match at the Australian Open.”

Novak Djokovic furious with Eurosport media

Djokovic responded to Eurosport, urging the channel to check its information before posting something judgmental and wrong: “Once again, I’ve been put in a situation where I have to react publicly. For the second time in six months I have a problem with Eurosport, who have hired a new company in London to manage their social media. It seemed to me there was someone again and they confirmed it to me.

I can’t remember exactly the details of what happened six months ago, however at the time I declared that I would not give any more interviews to Eurosport. They apologized to me afterwards and everything was resolved good; but here we are again with Eurosport emphasizing something completely taken out of context.”

Novak then added: “After my reaction through the members, Eurosport deleted the published posts including the last one. Yes, it is true that I gave an interview to Barbara Schett, who apologized personally. They told me also contacted Boris Becker and Mats Wilander, who work for Eurosport.

I have nothing against them, I love Eurosport and I love sport in general: I’ve admired skiing on Eurosport all my life, but these situations. In our organisation, there must be a early player protection system, someone who reacts and does something when certain things happen. I’m a very easy target to paint as the bad guy. That’s how they portray me, it’s normal for me now, but I don’t tolerate injustice. Some things I can tolerate, some I can’t.

It’s not fair for them to behave this way and get away with it just because something like that is allowed. I don’t usually react like that, even though I could have reacted a thousand times to various and things that have happened to me in the past. In this case, however, they went too far. No one has publicly apologized to me. Will they? I do not believe. Eurosport is broadcasting the Australian Open, it is one of the biggest sports channels in the world.

They could issue a public apology. Both times there have been these unpleasant situations, the first time six months ago, they have always apologized to me privately, but people don’t know that. Only I and the people concerned know about it. Because as I just said, most fans who follow tennis will never hear of it.

They will think that the reality of the facts is still the one in which I am the villain who challenged the referee, who went to the bathroom without respecting the rules. So once again, yet again, I was portrayed as the one who behaves as he wants, for whom rules have no value; which is completely false. I explained exactly what happened thanks to the posts I made on my social accounts.”

Djokovic explained also to Tennis Majors: “Most people who follow tennis will never hear of it. They will still think I challenged the referee, went to the toilet and didn’t follow the rules. So, once again I’m portrayed as the one who does as he pleases, which is completely false. I explained in my social media post exactly what happened.”

Nole also said: “Again, I’m publicly asking a question: why didn’t the ATP or Grand Slam come out and explain the situation, when they can see that the media is publicly lynching me? This has happened all the time, there are been many situations like this, but in the end nothing, it’s the same. In the end, if we are members of this Tour, surely there must be a responsibility towards the players, some kind of protection. But no, you do what you want and it roast all you want in the media, while we remain silent.”

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