“Not far from having insulted football”: He swings on OM


This Wednesday evening, Olympique de Marseille was surprised on its lawn in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France. Beaten by Annecy on penalties, OM, which had had an excellent season until then, lost almost all hope of a coveted title since 2010. A performance that did not fail to arouse many critics, starting with those of Daniel Riolo.

In one week, everything collapsed in the Marseille city. After losing heavily against PSG (0-3) last Sunday at the Vélodrome, theOM lost this time in the quarter-finals of French Cup against Annecyleague 2 club. If nothing should be taken away from the performance of the Savoyard club, it must be said that theOM did not deliver a match worthy of the event, which has the gift of annoying Riolo in L’after : “It’s worse than a rotten week, it’s a nightmare and you lose almost everything. Since 1989 their last Coupe de France. And there, they make a lamentable match “.

“OM is 100% guilty”

Yet author of impressive collective performances since the start of the season, theOM lacked desire on Wednesday evening. Riolo points the finger at the approach of the match for a club which has the annoying habit of being eliminated by the little thumbs in French Cup : “The way they approach this match, you quickly feel that it can be difficult, that it can go wrong. The mental approach is not good, there is a little bit of complacency. There is not what they usually put in matches. Really, OM are 100% guilty and I don’t like what they did on Wednesday night at all.

“If I were the Marseille public, I would not be happy”

It does not look like them compared to what they have been doing since the beginning of the year. In addition the public was there in numbers, they beat the records and come to more than 60,000. If I were the Marseille public, I wouldn’t be happy. What OM are doing this Wednesday evening is not good. They did not insult football, but not far “, added Daniel Riolo about theOM at the microphone of RMC.

“Not far from having insulted football”: He swings on OM 24hfootnews.

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