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NJPW Live Event Results From Adelaide, Australia (2/16): The Young Bucks Take On Okada And Ishii


Crowd turnout hasn’t been the greatest. We’re in a stadium that can hold 8,000 people, but maybe 1,000 in attendance. Great atmosphere regardless, everyone was super into most of the show. Overall, a great show, really good support from the local crowd despite the size!

* Yuji Nagata defeated Chase Owens (Solid start, Chase heeling it up, crowd hot for the opener.)

* TMDK (Jonah Rock and Slex) vs. Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer ends in a double count-out (Crowd is hot for local team, TMDK, and also Suzuki.)

* Cody Rhodes defeated Rocky Romero (Crowd doesn’t really know Romero. Massive pop for Cody. Okay match, good spots, crowd wasn’t as into it.)

* Cody with a promo thanking the crowd. Huge Brandi chants. Cody mentions they didn’t have the budget to bring her along. Cody suggests Bullet Club is fine.

* Kenny Omega, Gino Juicy Gambino, and Bad Luck Fale defeated Juice Robinson, Toa Henare. and KUSHIDA (Good match, good spots and some great comedy from Gambino and Kenny.)

* Kenny with a promo after. Also thanks crowd and talks about all the firsts he experienced in the match. Kenny then suggest things are not fine in the Bullet Club.

* EVIL and SANADA defeated Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa (Crowd started hot for Guerrillas of Destiny, died as match went on. Sad crowd reactions as the match was a clinic!)

* “Switchblade” Jay White defeated Elliot Sexton (TMDK) (Solid match, good work from local boy Elliot as the heel. Crowd came back alive in this match.)

* Kazuchika Okada and Tomohiro Ishii defeated The Young Bucks (Great match, solid effort from both teams. Good spots, superkicks a plenty! Okada is way over down under! Okada with a few Rainmakers to get the win.)

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