Nikki Bella Wants WWE To Tell Empowering Stories That Don’t Involve Men


Nikki Bella recently sat down with the New York post for an interview in promotion of WWE Evolution. During the interview, Ronda Rousey’s recent promo where she accused Nikki of only getting spotlight because of her relationship with John Cena came up. Nikki was asked if she thought the angle took away from what is otherwise considered to be an extremely progressive event. She seemed to agree. Here is her thoughts on that and more.

Nikki On Complaints That Rousey’s Promo Goes Against What The Women’s Evolution Is About:

We are taking sold old ways and bring it into [Evolution]. I definitely hope it changes, and I think it will because I think the women are better than that.

I think we can tell empowering stories that have nothing to do with men or how men define us because that’s the point of Evolution. We define ourselves as women. We want the equality. We don’t want to be defined by our men or our relationships because almost every woman is in a relationship with another wrestler in our industry.

On The Idea That She Only Got Where She Is Because Of John Cena:

I know the hard work that I’ve done to get where I’m at. I think for me, this is the part where not only do men need to evolve, but women [also need to understand] that just because a woman is successful doesn’t mean it’s because of her man. I think it’s unfair.

You can check out Nikki’s full interview with The New York Post by clicking HERE

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