Nikki Bella Talks Wedding Planning, R-Truth Rapping at Event, Zack Ryder Unboxes


– ET Online caught up with Nikki Bella at the Romona Keveza bridal show in New York City this week and asked about her wedding with John Cena possibly airing on TV. Nikki said she’s leaving the door open because she feels like “we’ve brought everyone on this journey” but cameras are still up in the air. She commented on planning the wedding:

“Oh, I have [been waiting a long time for this day]. I want like, [a] medium [wedding]. I envision, like, a 150 people, ’cause I still want to keep it very private and intimate, and my side of the family makes it like 150. I want black tie. I just love the elegance of black tie, and depending on what season we get married, [there] will be, like, florals. Like, I’m going to have a lot of florals, so I don’t know how much they’ll cost, but I hear they cost a lot. But I don’t care. I want it to be drenched with flowers.”

Nikki also commented on trying to plan the date and the honeymoon with Cena:

“I tried to talk to him slowly. It’s been crazy the past few weeks since getting engaged. I know I want to take my time, like, at least maybe do a year out. We’re still trying to plan the date. It’s hard with our schedules, ’cause I want John and I to be able to enjoy it for a week.I don’t want us to be like, ‘Oh, gonna fly in and fly right out.’ I don’t want it to be like that, so we’re trying to right now figure out, ‘OK, when can we both be together for a week or two?’ and he’s actually agreed to take me on a honeymoon. That was like a no for awhile, and nowhere like four hours on a plane because if he was needed for work, he had to be on a nonstop flight. He’s agreed to take me on a honeymoon. I’ve been Googling, like, top honeymoon spots. I’m like, ‘Hmm, where do I want to go now that he’ll go past four hours on a plane?'”

– As seen below, the latest episode of “WWE Unboxed with Zack Ryder” features Ryder showing off his Funko haul from the recent Star Wars Celebration in Orlando:

– R-Truth will be rapping at the Whitney E. Johnson Inc. Foundation’s 1st annual Brand Ambassador Award Launch on Tuesday, May 16th in Huntington Station, New York. Truth will also be honored that night for his work with the foundation. He posted this flyer with full details:

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