Nikki Bella Possibly Set To Retire After ‘Wrestlemania 33’ Proposal


WWE fans are always wondering when John Cena will finally propose to Nikki Bella. It has looked like the two would never get married, but now the rumors are that the Total Divas stars are going to end up engaged. Crazy rumors are that you do not want to miss Wrestlemania 33 because this is going to be the big night that he proposes, but also could be the time that Nikki announces her retirement. Wrestling Rumors shared some of the details about the rumors flying about Cena and Bella right now.

Another rumor is that there will be a big mixed tag team match of John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. the Miz & Maryse at Wrestlemania 33. That would make for a big night alone, but if the other rumors are true, you do not want to miss this event. Nikki has been doing a lot more backstage, and a match with her and Cena together would be a great time for her to announce that she won’t be going back in the ring anymore.

Hollywood Life shared back in October that Nikki Bella has shared that if John does propose to her, she feels like it will be soon. For years, John has said that he would never get married, but it is starting to look like that is not the case. Nikki admitted that John has changed his thoughts on marriage recently. She shared her thoughts on when she thinks it will happen.

“So, he’s like ‘let’s go have this romantic dinner.’ I’m like ‘this is it.’ I feel like every moment I’m waiting for it. It’s been my birthday, it’s been an anniversary… the holidays…. I am going to Napa next week. See, I don’t want to get excited. Like I’m ruining everything because I get, like the perfect outfit. And here are those perfect moments and it’s like, ‘okay that was nice.’ Hmm…”

One other thing that Nikki Bella shared is that she won’t go ring shopping. She doesn’t want to jinx it and wants John to do it on his own. Hopefully, John leaned on someone like her sister to help him out if he did buy a ring for Nikki.

E! Online shared that Nikki Bella did have some news this year that might make it the perfect time to retire from the WWE. Nikki was cleared by her doctor after surgery and able to train again, but that didn’t mean that she would be getting right back to work and in the ring. She was sure this meant good news saying, “I’m just so happy to be cleared by Dr. Uribe! This means that I’m hopefully gonna be cleared by WWE. I’m so excited, I’m gonna get drafted!” It turned out that wasn’t the case, though. Nikki found out she wouldn’t be part of the draft and explained her thoughts.

“I don’t even have words right now. I just got the worst email anyone could ever get. I literally just got an email which says I cannot be a part of the draft. I was cleared by my surgeon, I feel ready to go, I really just don’t know what to think right now. For some reason I thought that they’d wanna clear me quick and make sure I was a big part of the draft, but I’m not on the roster…so is like that the end for me?”


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