Nick Kyrgios: I’m a normal guy, I’m not the craziest guy ever


Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios insists he is a normal guy and it is just the media who are trying to portray him in a negative light. 

After losing the 2022 US Open quarterfinal against Karen Khachanov, Kyrgios lost his cool and composure and started breaking rackets.

Following his outburst, Kyrgios received a hefty fine. 

But before the outburst, Kyrgios was leaving it all out on the court and doing his absolute best to win the match. 

Reflecting on that, Kyrgios felt it was unfair to only talk about his post-match outburst and not about the way he fought against Khachanov. 

Kyrgios: They just show me when I’m frustrated 

“Well, I’m not thinking about it but I got told that it goes to charity. As soon as they told me that, I was just trigger happy, I was just f—— smacking [gestures smashing a racket]. It’s unfair, in a way, because a match can go on for hours like at the US Open in the recent past, I played a match that went on for four hours, and the media showed the last 30 seconds of me smashing a racket. That’s what they choose to put out globally. It’s like what happened to the other four-hour segment when I was trying my nuts off at 2 am in the morning. They just choose to show when I’m getting frustrated. It’s hard. It gets so crazy like people on the street think I’m just like the craziest guy ever and they’ll just look at me and wait for me to do something insane. I’m literally just a normal guy. So yeah, the media has definitely painted a bit of a picture,” Kyrgios said on The JBK Show, as quoted on Sportskeeda

Last year, Kyrgios enjoyed the season of his life.

Now, Kyrgios is viewed as a legitimate title contender wherever he goes.

Also, Kyrgios is considered among the favorites for the Australian Open title.

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