Nick Khan, CM Punk watched current and former WWE wrestlers at Bloodsport


Brett Lauderdale’s X

In interviews, Josh Barnett’s been asked how he got WWE to let him book Shayna Baszler for Bloodsport X during WrestleMania week in Philadelphia. Barnett’s chalked it up to the relationships he’s cultivated throughout the combat sports business over the years — both with talent like Baszler, and with the many WWE people he says routinely scout his shows.

We don’t think WWE President Nick Khan is routinely one of those people, but he was there yesterday (April 4) as Baszler was joined by NXT’s Charlie Dempsey on Barnett’s latest for Game Changer Wrestling. GCW owner Brett Lauderdale shared a pic he took with WWE boss, who was also spotted chatting up the Warmaster.

The President wasn’t the only familiar WWE face spotted at Philly’s Penns Landing Caterers, either. Braun Strowman and Nia Jax were there, as was some guy named Phil…

And Natalya was there to tease a team-up we’re gonna need at some point…

We’re not sure how long Khan & company were there, but if they stayed for the whole show he saw a lot of familiar faces. In addition to Baszler and the previously unannounced Dempsey, there were a lot of former members of the WWE roster working the show. Bloodsport X featured talent from TNA, AEW, MLW, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling competing in no-ropes action where wins only come by knockout, submission, or referee stoppage.

Dempsey, who’s no stranger to being WWE’s representative to another company, again impressed in an intense, technique-heavy match. He also had moments that reminded us he’s a chip of the old Villain block (Dempsey is William Regal’s son)…

… en route to making Matt Makowski tap out.

Baszler was accompanied by Zoey Stark, and got a hell of a fight from TNA’s Masha Slamovich. When the Submission Magician couldn’t keep a hold locked in long enough to make Slamovich submit, she stomped her head into the mat until the ref stopped the match.

The two exchanged words after the bell, so maybe this one isn’t over yet?

Here’s how things went for everyone who wrestled at Bloodsport X, regardless of what promotion they call home:

• Viktor Benjamin def. Akira Way via TKO (ref stoppage, kick)

• Nic Nemeth def. “Speedball” Mike Bailey via TKO (rear naked choke)

• Lindsay Snow def. Lady Frost via submission (heel hook) to advance in the Women’s Tournament

• Marina Shaffir def. Janai Kai via submission (Mother’s Milk) to advance in the Women’s Tournament

• Charlie Dempsey def. Matt Makowski via submission (double wrist-lock)

• Takuya Nomura def. Fuminori Abe via TKO (rear naked choke)

• Erik Hammer def. Lou Nixon via submission (armlock)

• Minoru Suzuki def. Royce Isaacs via TKO (Gotch-Style Piledriver)

• Timothy Thatcher def. Axel Tischer via submission (Fujiwara armbar)

• Shayna Baszler def. Masha Slamovich via TKO (stomps)

• Marina Shaffir def. Lindsay Snow via TKO (kick) to win the Women’s Tournament

• Josh Barnett def. Johnny Bloodsport via TKO (gutwrench slam)

You can catch a replay of the show, and catch a ton of other wrestling action this weekend and beyond, with a TrillerTV+ subscription.

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