Nick Faldo attacks Norman and LIV players


Former consultant for CBS, Nick Faldo now runs a quiet retirement on his ranch in Montana. But the Englishman, six-time Major winner, continues to follow golf news closely.

Asked by our colleague from Skysports, Jamie Weir, the new host of the British Masters was unfriendly when he mentioned the former stars of Ryder Cup, Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter and other Sergio Garcia. “They are finished”, considers the great English champion who sees a new generation arriving.

Nick Faldo, statements

“It’s a competitive competition. If you work for a company for twenty years and go to the competitor, you can be sure that your photo will be removed from the wall. You left, OK, so goodbye,” Sir Nick added.

For him, no return possible, even if an English court authorizes, in February, the rebels of LIV Golf to continue to play on the DP World Tour.

“They made that decision and I’m sure they knew it would come at a cost. They took a lot of money, they knew they were going to lose sponsors. I’m sure they did their math and figured they would still come out on top.”

On the participation of dissidents in the Ryder Cup, Faldo does not lace either:

“They shouldn’t be there, because they’re gone and because we have to move on,” explains the man who was one of the pillars of Europe in the Ryder Cup for 20 years (11 appearances between 1977 and 1997, 25 points scored, captain in 2008).

“Europe needs to find a new generation of 25-year-old players who are going to be able to play half a dozen Ryder Cups, I believe that is what will happen. »

Finally concerning Greg Norman, his former great rival from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, and in particular during an unforgettable last lap at the Masters in 1996 which saw Faldo put on his third green jacket while the Australian had slender with 6 strokes in advance, the Englishman is uncompromising.

“He was a great golfer. He was charismatic, exciting. He ruined everything, said Sir Nick Faldo of the CEO of the Saudi Golf League. We have a real competitive tour, its circuit does not mean anything, it is closed, with 48 players. It doesn’t make the game grow like it says”.

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