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Nick Aldis Officially Accepts Mike Bennett’s Challenge, Says He Won’t Write Bennett Off


NWA world’s champion Nick Aldis recently appeared on the This Is The NWA podcast, where the National Treasure officially accepted the challenge from former WWE star Mike Bennett. The title bout is now official for the September 15th pay per view with the United Wrestling Network on FITE TV.

During the podcast Aldis would also address not writing Bennett off, as well as the prestige of the NWA championship. Highlights are below.

Not writing Bennett off:

I have no intention whatsoever of writing off Mike Bennett. I wouldn’t have accepted the challenge if I thought that was the case, because it wouldn’t be good for business for the NWA. Because ultimately, we’re going to ask people to part with their money to see this match. If I thought the guy was a schlub and I was going to dispose of him in 5 minutes, then I would not be the right steward for this brand to be asking people to pay to see that. I’m not suggesting that I couldn’t have a hell of a night and make that happen, but I don’t predict that. And if I thought that was a foregone conclusion, I wouldn’t take the match.

On the NWA world title:

We (NWA) don’t play around. We don’t pussyfoot around with Mickey Mouse challenges. We go world class, restaurant quality. You know this by now. And you’re right. I saw the fire in his eyes. I heard the fire in his voice. I heard the lion that has been lying dormant in that man the entire time he has been muted in that other place (WWE). So, I welcome it. I want the lion. I want the man who thinks that he can take out the king of the jungle. I want that, because that’s what’s best for business. And it’s also what’s best for me, because every single time that somebody comes to me and comes at me trying to take the Worlds Championship and brings their absolute best and then I put them down, it makes me stronger. It lifts my game that much higher and puts another brick in the wall of my legacy for all time.

Full interview is below. (H/T and transcribed by Cageside Seats)

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