Nia Jax was originally supposed to win Fastlane match against Sasha Banks, Sasha makes big botch during match


Nia Jax was originally scheduled to win her match against Sasha Banks at Fastlane. However, a last minute change of plans resulted in Banks claiming the upset.

Additionally, the finish of the Fastlane match was supposed to see Sasha Banks holding the ropes while rolling up Jax in order to protect her. However, Sasha Banks botched the finish and failed to do so.


Sasha Banks and Nia Jax faced off for the third time at Fastlane. The first two times they faced off was at the Royal Rumble kickoff show and the Raw after the Rumble. Both occasions saw Nia Jax squash the former 3-time Raw Women’s Champion.

This time around, however, it was The Boss who prevailed. With the victory, Sasha Banks becomes only the second woman on the main roster to pin Nia Jax, the first one being Bayley.


Sasha Banks got involved in the Raw Women’s Championship match later that night when she helped Bayley defeat Charlotte Flair to retain the Raw Women’s Championship and ended Charlotte’s Pay-Per-View streak.


Sasha, Nia, Charlotte, and Bayley now have their stories intertwining on the road to Wrestlemania, as the seeds seem to be planted to lead up to a Fatal-4-way match between the four women.

Perhaps the last minute change in plans could have been to shake things up in the four-way feud. It won’t be surprising to see the four women have singles match-ups and tag team matches against each other in the coming 4 episodes of Raw leading up to Wrestlemania. 


Sasha Banks will go on to the four way feud which will begin starting on Raw.  From the look of things, Bayley will be walking into Wrestlemania 33 as the Raw Women’s Champion since she defeated Charlotte in their rematch.

A heel turn also seems to be on the horizon for The Boss. Perhaps after Wrestlemania Sasha will turn heel, since having her stay babyface till Wrestlemania will help keep the dynamic of the Fatal-4-way match even, with two babyfaces and two heels.

Unfortunately, botches are part and parcel of wrestling, so Sasha should not be criticised too heavily since it seemed to have been a mistake. A fatal-4-way is an interesting prospect, and quite possibly the best match-up the women can have at Wrestlemania. 

Sasha’s heel turn will be her true calling, and it seems to be something that will happen sooner rather than later.

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