Nia Jax faces consequences next week on Raw as clash with rival is set



Nia Jax wasted no time making enemies upon returning to WWE. But the chickens came home to roost on Raw (Oct. 2), as Jax found herself engaged in a donnybrook with Shayna Baszler at the start of the show. Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez — the first women to fall victim to Jax — would join the melee, each putting hands on The Irresistible Force.

Now, one of those ladies will get to settle the score with Jax, as Raquel Rodriguez will battle the former women’s champion next Monday on Raw.

During this week’s Raw Talk, which featured a promo from the two combatants, as well as a promo by Ivar of the Viking Raiders that would make the Ultimate Warrior proud, Rodriguez expressed enthusiasm about her shot at retribution.

“I am just so excited, I’m so anxious. Ever since Nia made her return, I have been waiting to step into the ring with her. Even the little bit in NXT that we had was not enough for Raquel Rodriguez. But this coming Monday, Nia’s gonna get it, and she don’t even know it!”

Jax, though, was far from impressed and even less enthusiastic about the impending bout, as she kept her words short.

“Raquel shoulda stayed gone. Next week, she will be gone.”

And so the stage is set for a lady hoss fight of epic proportions. Hopefully, it’ll remain a one-on-one contest, but if this past Raw is any indication, expect a chance of shenanigans.

Still, it should be good while it lasts.

Excited, Cagesiders?

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