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NFL power rankings: Where Los Angeles Rams finish their 2022 season


NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks
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Mission Failed: Rams finish 2022 season with 5-12 record

The Los Angeles Rams had one goal for 2022: “Run it Back”. It was an ambitious, but necessary goal for a team with Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, and Jalen Ramsey still at the core. But after a long four months, the Rams found the mission to be too great. LA finished the year with their first losing record under Sean McVay’s coaching leadership and now await his offseason coaching decision. Here is where the Rams finished in the power ranking as they closed out their 2022 campaign…


  1. Kansas City Chiefs (Change: +1)

The Chiefs just how to win and have fun. Mahomes will now chase his second Super Bowl, but will have to navigate getting past the Bengals and Bills.

Result: Won 31-13 @ Raiders

2. Philadelphia Eagles (Change: N/A)

The Eagles locked up the NFC’s #1 seed with a narrow win over a backup Giants team. The NFC may run through Philadelphia but they will be challenged by San Francisco, Dallas, or Tampa Bay.

Result: Won 22-16 vs. Giants

3. Cincinnati Bengals (Change: N/A)

The Bengals finished the 2022 season on an eight-game win streak, not counting the lead they held over the Bills in Week 17’s Monday Night game. For a team that came up just short in 2021, Zac Taylor guided his team to an even better record (12-4) this year. Zac Taylor and his squad may be the AFC’s most feared team because of their frustration from last year’s missed opportunity to hoist a Lombardi and the scheduling debacle that unfolded from the cancelled KC/BUF game.

Result: Won 27-16 vs. Ravens

4. San Francisco 49ers (Change: N/A)

The 49ers enter the playoffs as the league’s hottest team. Brock Purdy continues to play near flawless football and has a supporting cast and defense to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Result: Won 38-13 vs. Cardinals

5. Buffalo Bills (Change: N/A)

An emotional Bills team opened the game with a Nyheim Hines kick return touchdown and they did not look back. But let the NFL not forget the heroes from last Monday…

Result: Won 35-23 vs. Patriots

6. Minnesota Vikings (Change: +2)

Result: Won 29-13 @ Bears

7. Dallas Cowboys (Change: -1)

Dallas’s 20-point loss to Washington to end the season raises concerns going into the playoffs. Prescott has thrown 15 interceptions this year and Dallas will need him to be a better game manager.

Result: Loss 26-6 @ Commanders

8. Los Angeles Chargers (Change: -1)

Result: Loss 31-28 @ Broncos

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (Change: +1)

Result: Won 20-16 vs. Titans

10. Miami Dolphins (Change: +4)

Result: Won 11-6 vs. Jets

11. Detroit Lions (Change: +1)

Result: Won 20-16 @ Packers

12. Baltimore Ravens (Change: -1)

Result: Loss 27-16 @ Bengals

13. New York Giants (Change: N/A)

Result: Loss 22-16 @ Eagles

14. Green Bay Packers (Change: -5)

Result: Loss 20-16 vs. Lions

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Change: +1)

Result: Loss 30-17 @ Falcons

16. Seattle Seahawks (Change: +2)

Result: Won 19-16 (OT) vs. Rams

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (Change: +2)

Credit to the Steelers for finishing above .500 but the organization leaves a bad taste in your mouth with the Alex Highsmith CPR sack celebration and the NFL giving Pittsburgh a golden boy type treatment.

Result: Won 28-14 vs. Browns

18. Carolina Panthers (Change: +5)

Result: Won 10-7 @ Saints

19. Washington Commanders (Change: +3)

Result: Won 26-6 vs. Cowboys

20. New England Patriots (Change: -4)

Result: Loss 35-23 @ Bills

21. New Orleans Saints (Change: -6)

Result: Loss 10-7 vs. Panthers

22. Atlanta Falcons (Change: +4)

Result: Won 30-17 vs. Buccaneers

23. Cleveland Browns (Change: -2)

Result: Loss 28-14 @ Steelers

24. Los Angeles Rams (Change: +1)

For another year, there will not be another repeat Super Bowl Champion. All offseason the Rams talked about having a mindset to take on the mission of running it back. But actions are louder than words. The Rams were not prepared for the 2022 season and the results showed. 2022 was a failed mission. Are the Rams in their downfall or will they return to the playoffs?

Result: Loss 19-16 (OT) @ Seahawks

25. New York Jets (Change: -5)

Result: Loss 11-6 @ Dolphins

26. Denver Broncos (Change: +4)

Result: Won 31-28 vs. Chargers

27. Las Vegas Raiders (Change: N/A)

Result: Loss 31-13 vs. Chiefs

28. Tennessee Titans (Change: -4)

Result: Loss 20-16 @ Jaguars

29. Houston Texans (Change: +2)

Result: Won 32-31 @ Colts

30. Arizona Cardinals (Change: -2)

Result: Loss 38-13 @ 49ers

31. Chicago Bears (Change: -2)

Result: Loss 29-13 vs. Vikings

32. Indianapolis Colts (Change: N/A)

Result: Loss 32-31 vs. Texans

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