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NFL Draft results 2023: Day 1 NFC West round-up (and look ahead)


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The Seahawks made two of the NFC West’s three first-round picks.

Day One of the 2023 NFL Draft is in the books.

Before we get to the NFC West round-up, let’s first look at how we got here.


Heading into the 2023 NFL Draft, the four NFC West teams had a combined 40 selections: 8 for Arizona, 11 for Los Angeles, 11 for San Francisco, and 10 for Seattle. Twelve of those 40 selections were compensatory picks (c): 7 for San Francisco, 3 for Los Angeles, and 2 for Arizona.

Here’s how the picks broke down prior to the Commissioner opening the draft:

  • Arizona: Nos. 3, 34, 94, 96(c), 105, 168, 180, and 213(c)
  • Los Angeles: Nos. 36, 69, 77, 167(c), 171(c), 177(c), 182, 189, 191, 223, and 234
  • San Francisco: Nos. 99(c), 101(c), 102(c), 155, 164, 173(c), 216(c), 222, 247, 253(c), and 255(c)
  • Seattle: Nos. 5, 20, 37, 52, 83, 123, 151, 154, 198, and 237.


Shortly after Round One started, the Cardinals traded DOWN from No. 3.

  • Houston got: No. 3 and No. 105 (R4)
  • Arizona got No. 12, No. 33 (R2), a 2024 R1, and a 2024 R3

Roughly 30 minutes later, the Cardinals made another trade, this time moving UP to No. 6.

  • Arizona got No. 6 and No. 81 (R3)
  • Detroit got No. 12, No. 34 (R2), and No. 168 (R5)

Round One Selections

Seattle made the first NFC West pick at No. 5, selecting Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon, who can already be penciled in as a starter come Week 1.

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At No. 6, the Arizona Cardinals selected Ohio State OT Paris Johnson Jr., who was the first offensive tackle off the board.

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Seattle used pick No. 20 on Ohio State WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba who should slot in as WR1C come Week 1, next to Tyler Lockett (WR1B) and DK Metcalf (WR1A).

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And that’s it.

The Rams and Niners combined for ZERO Round 1 picks.

The Cardinals took the first offensive tackle, while the Seahawks added the first cornerback and the first wide receiver.

In other words, it was a day of firsts (in the first).

NFC West Recap

Here are the NFC West’s Day One selections, plus their remaining picks:

Day One

  • Arizona (1): R1.06: OT Paris Johnson Jr.
  • Los Angeles (0): N/A
  • San Francisco (0): N/A
  • Seattle (2): R1.05: CB Devon Witherspoon, and R1.20: WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

Day Two

  • Arizona (4): R2.33, R3.81, R3.94, and R3.96
  • Los Angeles (3): R2.36, R3.69, R3.77
  • San Francisco (3): R3.99, R3.101, and R3.102
  • Seattle (3): R2.37, R2.52, and R3.83

Day Three

  • Arizona (3): R4.105, R6.180, and R6.213
  • Los Angeles (8): R5.167, R5.171, R5.177, R6.182, R6.189, R6.191, R7.223, and R7.234
  • San Francisco (8): R5.155, R5.164, R5.173, R6.216, R7.222, R7.247, R7.253, and R7.255
  • Seattle (5): R4.123, R5.151, R5.154, R6.198, and R7.237


Go Hawks!

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