Neymar traumatized, he drops an incredible statement


Neymar gave a long interview to a Brazilian Youtuber this Wednesday evening. The opportunity for the player to address several subjects, his future at PSG, but also his painful experience during the World Cup organized in Qatar. Eliminated with his team in the quarter-finals, the Auriverde star thought of retiring internationally, before reconsidering his decision.

The 2022 World Cup was supposed to be a party for Neymar. It has become a nightmare. Touched in the ankle in the first match of the competition, the player of the PSG finally took the door in the quarter-finals, beaten on penalties by the Croatia. In an interview with Youtuber Casimiro Miguel, Neymar returned to this pain, which invaded him when Marquinhos missed his penalty.

” It was horrible “

I cried for about five days in a row. It really hurts to see your dream come out of nowhere like it happened. I would much rather not have scored the goal, and lost on penalties than to have scored the goal, taken the draw and lost on penalties. It was like a funeral wake, one weeping on one side, the other weeping on the other. Completely heavy atmosphere. It was awful, a feeling that I don’t want to relive ” told Neymar. An experience so painful, that he thought about retiring from international football.

Neymar thought about retirement

But at 31, the player wants to give himself the means to realize his dreams and is already planning for the next edition. “ After the World Cup, honestly, I didn’t want to go back. But I reconsidered. Because I’m very hungry. After the Cup, I didn’t want to endure the pain of losing, to see my family suffer, it weighs heavily. But they will still have to put up with that (laughs). It will be fine, it must be fine ” has warned Neymar.

Neymar traumatized, he drops an incredible statement 24hfootnews.

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