Neymar faces a new controversy!


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King Pelé is gone. On December 29, the Brazilian legend passed away, she who had been battling the disease for several years and who had recently been operated on for a colon tumor. In the process, tributes have multiplied around the world. One of the most anticipated was that of Neymar, close to Pelé and considered his heir. The Paris Saint-Germain player posted a very moving message on his social networks.

The absence of Ney makes people talk

“Before Pelé, ’10’ was just a number. I read this sentence somewhere, at some point in my life. But this beautiful sentence is incomplete. I would say that before Pelé, football was just a sport. Pelé changed everything. He turned football into art, into entertainment. He gave a voice to the poor, to blacks and above all…: She gave visibility to Brazil. Football and Brazil have raised their status thanks to the King! He is gone, but his magic will remain. Pelé is ETERNAL! »

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Yesterday, the daily The Team announced that Ney had flown out overnight to join Santos and bid farewell to Pelé. Information denied a few hours later, since the attacker was in Paris to train. But the Brazilian star sent his father, Neymar Sr, to represent him to gather near the coffin of the late Pelé during the ceremony held yesterday at the stadium at the Urbano-Caldera stadium. Questioned by Brazilian media, the father of the PSG player explained the absence of his son.

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Many Brazilians resent him

“It is a sad moment for the family and for all of us. Today is to support the family, we have lost a lot. He inspired so many people and the sport, he got us here today. He has inspired all generations, he has always been a reference. That’s why my son asked me to be here instead. To support the family. We know what it is to lose someone and we have not only lost an athlete, we have lost a citizen, the person Pelé (…) No, Neymar is not going to come”.

A noticeable absence. In Brazil, we did not necessarily appreciate that Neymar did not come to pay a final tribute to a player and a man he has always respected and esteemed. On social networks, number 10 of PSG set fire. Especially since we did not understand why PSG agreed to release Kylian Mbappé and Achraf Hakimi, who obtained days off after the World Cup and who went to the United States, and not Neymar, only Paris would have refused to release. Other people feel he should have gone out of his way to be there for Pele.

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In the media, the Neymar case is also talked about. In the show “Brasil Urgent“, the presenter José Luiz Datena has paid Neymar. His words are relayed by RMC Sports. “If Neymar wanted to be freed, he came. Neymar could very well have pressured PSG to come here. He has already pressed the club several times to come to parties, why not ask PSG to say goodbye to Pelé? I think Neymar, as a Brazilian player, had an obligation to come and see Pelé’s coffin to say goodbye to him. It was important for Brazilian football.” A new controversy which Neymar would have done well, which definitely is never unanimous in the country.

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Neymar faces a new controversy! 24hfootnews.

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