News On Why The WWE Limits Physical Interaction Between Males & Females


During the most recent edition of “The Wrestling Observer Newsletter”, Dave Meltzer revealed the true reason that the WWE limits the physical interaction between men and women on their programs.

The shift away from regular physical interaction between the two genders has always been attributed to the WWE’s move towards being a PG program. However, Meltzer stated that it is because of their relationship with one single company that interactions of this nature have largely been eliminated from WWE programming.

According to Meltzer, the biggest reason that the WWE no longer goes down this path is because they made a promise to Mattel years ago when the two companies signed a contract to do business together. Mattel was hesitant to enter into the deal because of what they considered to be a long history of the WWE portraying men to overpower women. The WWE in turn agreed to stop portraying the genders in that capacity, and that’s what led to the embargo on male on female violence.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (Subscription Required)

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