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News on Sasha Banks’ Recent Trip to Mexico and If She Was There for WWE, Banks Learning New In-Ring Skills


Sasha Banks was in Mexico City this past weekend, but she apparently was not at the WWE live event.

Super Luchas reporter Apolo Valdés tweeted a photo of Banks, Bayley and AAA star Mamba in Mexico City this past weekend. Some media outlets then credited Valdés for the photo and claimed he said the trio was backstage at the WWE live event that night. Valdés later posted an update to clarify he never said they were at the WWE event, but he did confirm that Banks came to Mexico to train, as she has in the past. Banks is said to be good friends with Mamba.

A new report from the Wrestling Observer notes that Mamba served as a tour guide for friends Banks and Bayley in Mexico City that day. It was noted that Banks visited Mexico to see friends, and had been training there, but was not there specifically for WWE or the live event.

Banks stayed in Mexico for a few more days to train, so that she could learn more in-ring techniques, including working at a faster pace and other skills from Lucha Libre trainers. Banks has trained in other countries while she and Naomi have been away from WWE since mid-May.

You can see the original photo of Banks, Bayley and Mamba below:

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