New WWE Episodes on The Undertaker, Maryse Involved In NBCU – Volition Beauty Deal


– WWE has announced NBCUniversal’s new multi-year beauty product development deal with Volition, the maker of crowd-sourced skincare products that are clean and cruelty-free. The partnership will see select talent from NBCU properties become “Innovators” for Volition. The first Innovator is Maryse, who is still billed as a WWE Superstar.

Maryse is the co-creator of the new Volition Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening Moisturizer that launched yesterday and will hit some stores in January. Below is the full announcement from WWE:

Volition Beauty, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming unveil production development partnership

Volition, the maker of clean, cruelty-free, crowd-sourced skincare products, today announced it has entered a multi-year beauty product development deal with NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. Over the course of the partnership, select talent from across the division will have the opportunity to become Volition “Innovators,” working hand-in-hand with brand chemists and creatives to bring unique skincare SKUs to market under the Volition label. The first such Innovator is Maryse Mizanin, WWE Superstar and star of USA Network’s Miz & Mrs., who has co-created the new Volition Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening Moisturizer launching November 2020, available for $39.

“NBCUniversal is always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with our audience, and this partnership with Volition will not only deepen our engagement with consumers but also allow our talent to authentically introduce products to their passionate fanbase,” said Ellen Stone, Executive Vice President, Cable Brand Strategy and Consumer Engagement, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “There is no better example of this winning combination than with Maryse and Volition – together they will reach her health-conscious followers and their beauty-forward clientele as they experience the entire product launch throughout the upcoming season of Miz & Mrs.”

When co-founders Brandy Hoffman and Patricia Santos created Volition, their vision was a line of “never before seen” products that are conceived based on consumer ideas. This first NBCUniversal collaboration embodies that vision as Mizanin brought Yaupon tea to the attention of Volition when she sought a natural caffeine source for her diet and her skin.

“We’re thrilled to kick off with Maryse,” said Hoffman, “as she is actively engaged with an audience that cares about beauty and can organically amplify our reach.” Volition currently engages with a digital community of approximately 550,000 users and expects that number to grow significantly over the course of the new deal.

“We believe this partnership can revolutionize the way in which brands and talent work together, as we set out to generate great undiscovered beauty ideas,” Hoffman said of the future with NBCUniversal talent and expanded brand offerings from Volition. “This is just the beginning.”

Miz & Mrs. premieres Thursday, Nov. 12, at 10:30 p.m. ET on USA. Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening Moisturizer launches that same day on and will retail at and Neiman Marcus beginning January 2021.

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