New Jersey Transit System Says WWE’s Late WrestleMania Finish Is To Blame For Train Delay


In a new report from, New Jersey transit spokesman Jim Smith blamed WrestleMania’s end-time for the extended delay that caused thousands of fans to have to wait in the rain. Smith explains that since WWE did not inform them that the event would go past 12:30am, significant operations were impacted for the evening.

The primary factor contributing to the post-event delays was the WWE’s decision to extend the event to 12:30 a.m., which had significant operational impacts on the evening. NJ Transit was not informed of this decision until late last night. The decision to extend this event resulted in our inability to operate some of those trains due to federal requirements limiting train crew hours. At the end of the day, if folks are frustrated, they ought to be. I would have been crazed if I were standing on that.

The WWE responded with the following statement.

Just like other sports and entertainment events, we do not advertise an end time.

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