The New Day ruled WWE’s tag team division as heels and as faces But now …..


The New Day ruled WWE’s tag team division as heels and as faces. It is important to note that the group held the titles for two separate runs. Their first title lasted for forty-nine days before being interrupted by a seventy-day reign by The Primetime Players. This was followed by The New Day’s history-making second title reign that ended at WWE Roadblock. The New Day has absolutely dominated WWE for the past year and a half.

After breaking Demolition’s record, Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods were nothing but grateful for their success, and it is very satisfying as a WWE fan to see their evolution from the stable’s debut to where they are now. After roughly a year and a half, the WWE Universe is wondering what is next for The New Day after finally losing the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship to Cesaro and Sheamus at WWE Roadblock.

It was rumored heading into the WWE Draft in July that Vince McMahon was leaning towards disbanding the group. Clearly, that didn’t happen, and their quest to become the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history stopped WWE from splitting up the group. Now, there is nothing stopping them from pulling the trigger on The New Day’s break up, but the powers that be might have something else in mind for them.

According to a new report, WWE officials are instead thinking about keeping The New Day together and eventually turn the trio heel shortly after Wrestlemania next year. The trio has a book in development to be released in April, and their merchandise continues to fly off the shelves, so WWE wants to keep their train moving through Wrestlemania 33.

Over the coming months, their playful camaraderie is expected to take a few steps back. The group’s act will be simmered down slowly and eventually lead to a heel turn that’ll keep the group going for the foreseeable future. The interesting dynamic of a potential heel turn is the trio being able to create a new dynamic with the WWE Universe. It’ll take a lot to turn the fans against them based the success of their latest face run.

The New Day could collectively go after the United States Championship or even the WWE Universal title as faces or heels. On paper, keeping the trio together isn’t a great idea if they are going to challenge for singles titles, but The New Day is so well established as a unit on WWE programming that keeping them together could be best for business. It’s clear that WWE is going to try to keep them together, but how much longer is the question.

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