New Beasts in WWE !!


WWE is the ultimate endgame and obviously only the top talent from across the globe get there in any shape or form. Honestly, it really is an honor just to work to hone your craft in NXT, the developmental brand.

But to make it to the WWE’s main roster and be featured on either Raw or Smackdown Live at any point on the card, on any regular basis is only for the most extraordinary, well-rounded talent. True, not all of them make it, but one still has to be among the absolute best to get any spot on either of these shows especially.

So, that brings us to the topic for the week, who are some guys WWE may or may not have signed and who should they sign in the near future.

A name that has been conspicuously absent from the independent wrestling circuits of late is Kyle O’Reilly. O’Reilly, the Violent Artist, did not re-sign with Ring of Honor during negotiations in December and only held the company’s world title for a month before returning it to the man he took it from, Adam Cole. This has led to many rumors that O’Reilly is WWE-bound and they are very likely true.

Typically, when WWE signs a talent they have them spend a month at the Performance Center in Orlando and that would explain the Violent Artist not taking any bookings the last couple of months. It would be great for WWE to bring in O’Reilly, because like a lot of their newer crops of talent, he adds an MMA background and a certain level of credibility to his work.

Another name that is certain to be appearing in NXT sometime soon is Tommy End. End has won nearly every major championship that can be won in the UK and has already been announced as a WWE signee months ago, so the technical wrestling master should be appearing on NXT television very soon.

Another Ring of Honor guy who’s contract is coming up soon is current world champion Cole. The North American “Leader” of the Bullet Club is the total package as a performer and would easily be ready to shoot straight to the main roster, although there a few feuds in NXT he could have that would make for great entertainment as well.

One of the biggest rumors floating across the world wide web right now is the return of Matt and Jeff, the Hardy Boys. The Hardys are one of, if not, the most popular tandems in WWE’s history and their popularity is probably at an all-time high right now as “The Broken Hardys” so of course, financially, this makes tons of sense for WWE to bring them back.

Matt has already announced that he will not be resigning with Impact Wrestling and it’s very doubtful Jeff would stay without his brother this time, because they are definitely more valuable as a duo for the time being. The buzz a Hardy return to WWE would create right now would be absolutely mind-blowing.

These top tier talents should be seen on WWE TV, if not now, then sometime in the near future. And if it does happen, don’t be surprised.

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