Neville to retain at Fastlane


Neville will face Jack Gallagher at WWE Fastlane and the betting odds suggest that Neville is an overwhelming favourite to retain his title at WWE Fastlane as he builds up to a potential ‘Mania match against Austin Aries.

An interesting point to not in this regard, that hasn’t really been mentioned yet, is that WWE Fastlane is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which is also the hometown of Austin Aries. Aries will be at Fastlane as part of the commentary team which leads us to believe that there is some chance that Aries and Neville could come face-to-face after Neville’s match with Gallagher to sow the seeds of the Wrestlemania match.

Aries has been declared fit from the injury he suffered from a slightly botched Kinshasa by Shinsuka Nakamura and will make his main roster debut sooner, rather than later.

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