Nathan Jones Discusses What Went Wrong During His WWE Run


Nathan Jones was a wrestler that received a significant push upon his WWE debut only to fizzle out and fade away shortly thereafter. He recently sat down with “The Hannibal TV” to discuss his career. Here are the highlights:

Jones On Why His Career Didn’t Take Off:

It was a little bit of a rockstar’s lifestyle. And I’m a home body by nature. So it just didn’t suit me at the time. That’s the way it happens.

Jones On His Favorite Moments While In The WWE:

I remember enjoying Survivor Series, it was a lot of fun. WrestleMania, remember that one? The big spinning heel-kick to the head of Big Show. I thought I’d add that in because people think I can play the giant all the time, and I thought it’d be nice to see someone jump around, and some of us big guys can go, ‘No, we can do… fly around as well’.

Check out the full interview with Nathan Jones on “The Hannibal TV” below:

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