Natalya blogs on Trish Stratus being an inspiration to her


WWE women’s wrestler Natalya posted a new blog for the Calgary Sun. In the blog, she discussed Trish Stratus being an inspiration to her. She wrote,

Fast forward all these years later to Monday Night Raw’s 25th anniversary in Brooklyn, last month. I stood there as Trish Stratus was about to make her way out in front of a sold-out Barclays Center crowd.

I walked up to her and asked if she would take a picture with me because, “I want to write a future column” about her influence on my career. To be honest, I really wanted a picture of us side by side for myself, as I’m the selfie queen and moments like this don’t come often.

When asking for a picture of us together, I became overcome with emotion.

Everything I had been holding inside regarding my admiration for her began to come out as I spoke to her. I reminded her that when I was a young woman first breaking into the business, she took the time to talk to me backstage when she didn’t have to.

At the time, Trish didn’t know me and was extremely busy preparing for live television. Despite that, she gave me incredible advice about working hard and staying focused and dedicated to my dreams, because she was proof that dreams do come true.

In that moment a few weeks ago, I was able to tell Trish that I’ve always carried her advice close to my heart and that her words of wisdom helped nurture my wildest dreams into the most wonderful reality.

I also let Trish know that because of how kind she was to me, I’ve tried my hardest to follow her example through the years and to help pay her words of wisdom forward to the next generation of women following in our footsteps.

As female WWE Superstars, there is nothing we can’t do.

Thank you for everything, Trish. Because of you, my career has been incredibly Stratusfying!

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