Naomi On Her Current Position In WWE: “I Would Like To Hold Some Gold Again At Some Point”


WWE star Naomi was a recent guest on the Sippin the Tea show to talk all things pro-wrestling. Highlights from the interview are below.

On wanting to be champion again and direction for her character:

There’s a lot happening in the division right now. I definitely would like to hold some gold again at some point but, I don’t think that time is now. I definitely just want to be in a good feud and a good story and stay consistently on TV and see where that goes because the last year, I’ve been kind of all over the place. I was gone for a while due to all kind of family issues and health issues and it’s kinda been hard for me to get back on track so I just really wanna focus on that and wherever that takes me in the next couple of years, I’m just gonna ride it and see what happens and see where my creativity and character goes because I still feel like there’s room there. There’s still so much for me to explore as far as character development and involvement and so I’d really like to focus on that and then eventually go and have me about 15, 11 children. And just enjoy life and appreciate the time we have here on this earth.

Dealing with 2020 and the number of tragedies in her life:

2020 has more than any other year just really, I think made us all sit down and reflect and appreciate things that we take for granted. Our family has experienced a lot of death. We’ve had a tragic death a year for the past five years. So, it’s just… losing someone is very traumatic emotionally and the fact that our family has been going through it and having to do funeral after funeral after funeral, it’s just been a lot and it’s really brought me closer to my family and makes me want to be there as much as possible so, I look forward to that but I ain’t done yet.

Full interview is below. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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