Mystery Partner Match Set for Next Week’s WWE SmackDown


Xavier Woods is bringing a mystery partner to WWE SmackDown next week.

This week’s SmackDown on FOX saw Woods defeat Butch in singles action. However, Butch attacked Woods after the match, thanks to a distraction by Sheamus and Ridge Holland. This match came after Butch defeated Kofi Kingston last week, and after Woods defeated Butch twice in April.

Woods noted that Kingston was not at SmackDown as he was tending to official New Day business, so he challenged Butch to come to the ring by himself for their match. After the win and post-match attack, a frustrated Woods was interviewed backstage. He said he’s sick and tired of the numbers game, and while Big E is still injured thanks to Holland, he’s got someone in mind to help even the odds, and he’s bringing that person to SmackDown next week.

The match next week will see Woods, Kingston and their mystery partner take on Butch, Sheamus and Holland.

There’s no word yet on who Woods has in mind, but we will keep you updated. These two teams have been feuding for a few months now, and it looks like the program will continue for at least one more week.

Next Friday’s SmackDown will take place from the Simmons Bank Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Stay tuned to for the latest.

Below are related clips from last night’s SmackDown:


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