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MYC Competitor Causes Social Media Uproar After Adult Themed Angle


Priscilla Kelly participated in the Mae Young Classic this year, losing to Deonna Purrazzo in the first round.

A video has now surfaced of an angle that she did mid-match at a show last month. In the video, she appears to take a used tampon out of her pants and shove it in her opponent’s mouth. Here’s the video in question:

The video has caused an uproar on social media, with many wrestlers and other personalities of the industry commenting on the matter. The opinions range from being horrified to comparing it to other spots with similar themes that were well received to believing that anything creative is welcome inside of a wrestling ring.

Several female wrestlers, such as Gail Kim and Tessa Blanchard, spoke out against the angle:

Both JR and Road Dogg weren’t fans either. Both posted about it on social media, which led Joey Ryan to ask Road Dogg how it was any different from some of the questionable story lines during the attitude era:

In fact, many are wondering if this is a case of sexism as Joey Ryan’s “penis” spots are always met with praise. Someone asked Joey Ryan for his thoughts and he agreed:

Other wrestlers, such as Hurricane Helms, took a much lighter note in their response:

Tommy Dreamer, being a lynch pin from ECW, a company that was known for pushing the envelope, had the reaction you’d expect from him:

Priscilla Kelly herself took to social media to address the issue. She clarified that it was a 21+ show at a bar and also wondered how it was any different from Joey Ryan’s antics:

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