MW3 Is Getting a ‘Stay in Lobby’ Feature Soon


Sledgehammer Games has recently been testing a ‘Stay in Lobby’ button on Modern Warfare 3. This gives Call of Duty players the option to remain with their randomised squad members that they were paired with via SBMM. Sledgehammer hasn’t officially addressed it, but many players are reporting both seeing and using the feature in Modern Warfare 3. Fortunately, it seems to be garnering positive feedback as some players report shorter breaks between matches when using it.

It appears to be limited to PC players at present, and the availability of the feature is almost sporadic. It’s not something that players were desperate to get, but it’s a solid quality-of-life improvement that was once upon a time a standard feature in Call of Duty.

Why Would You Want to Stay in the Lobby?

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Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

Do you remember the old days of Call of Duty, grinding with the same randomised players until everyone split up and went their separate ways? Friendships were forged in Call of Duty lobbies, once upon a time. In recent years, players have found themselves split after each successive match, and the only way to connect with players is to add them as a friends after you’ve fought alongside one another.

With the ‘Stay in Lobby’ feature being introduced in Modern Warfare 3, that’ll be a thing of the past. If you’re playing a game on MW3’s multiplayer platform and you’ve found a great group of gamers, you can opt to stay with them – provided they do the same, of course. It’s not yet known how the logic behind ‘Stay in Lobby’ works, especially as it effectively contradicts the existence of Skill-Based Match Making, but that’s for greater minds than me to figure out.

As no official announcement has been made, it’s not yet known when the Stay in Lobby feature will be made a universal and permanent fixture. It might be that Sledgehammer Games doesn’t have a successful testing phase and will ultimately decide to not roll out the feature at all – who knows? Things change all the time in this series. Recently, the developer made drastic changes to meta weapons, shaking up the Call of Duty League and the Ranked Play scene, much to the chagrin of fans the world over.

Such is life in the Call of Duty space.

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