Morel’s advice to Balerdi to avoid ridicule


Jérémy Morel, who was for a long time a Turk of the Marseille public, revealed Leonardo Balerdi how to go about returning the Vélodrome.

Leonardo Balerdi, the Argentinian defender of OM, is currently going through a complicated period on a personal level. Author of a catastrophic match during the elimination in the Cup against Annecy, he was the target of criticism and also of mockery from the supporters.

“These moments will make Balerdi grow”

Last Sunday, against Rennes (1-0), Balerdi was established by Igor Tudor. A mark of confidence that he must have appreciated from the coach. Nevertheless, he is not sure that it will help him to overcome this difficult pass. The return to the Vélodrome, in a stadium where the fans are often attacked, is likely to be complicated.

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So, how should he do to raise his head and manage to change the opinion of the supporters. Jérémy Morel, former OM player and specialist in the field, gave him some advice: “In these periods, you have to temporize, be positive, stay in your bubble, avoid social networks or the press, he began by entrusting to La Provence. Inevitably, when you get whistled, it’s not pleasant but when you come to OM, you know that it can be part of the thing. »

Balerdi could apprehend the reception of Strasbourg next weekend. Morel explains to him the right attitude to have: “Personally, these moments are the ones that made me grow the most. You discover yourself and you come out of it much stronger. I wanted to show them they were wrong. Balerdi is in the same register. He’s not someone who’s going to let go, he doesn’t cheat, doesn’t hide. If he keeps that, it will turn.

Finally, Morel concluded by welcoming Tudor’s gesture towards his protege: “If Tudor put it on, it’s because he knew Balerdi would be there. And he did it, we felt he was very focused, rigorous, even if it meant doing a little too much by catching the guys”.

Morel’s advice to Balerdi to avoid ridicule 24hfootnews.

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