More Details Regarding Zelina Vega’s WWE Release


According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE’s release of Zelina Vega, as expected, was due to her failing to comply with the company’s edict on third party platforms.

Reports are that Vega proceeded to open an OnlyFans account under a different name, something that did not help her case with WWE brass. She was also one of a few female superstars who were making more money through social media, especially Twitch, than their WWE contracts. Speculation is that Vega was forced to choose between her third-party platforms or WWE and went with the former.

The Observer also notes that the old way of making money for WWE stars was based on house show attendance and PPV paydays, two options that are no longer available to talents. Stars who have signed contracts post AEW are said to be less vocal about issues due to higher-guarantees.

WWE did recently put out a new job opportunity to focus on Twitch related activities for the company.

Stay tuned.

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