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Montez Ford Reveals Injury, Ford and Bianca Belair Officially Announce New WWE Reality Series


WWE’s Montez Ford has been recovering from a calf injury.

Ford and RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Blair appeared on NBC’s “Today” show earlier today and Ford was asked about a calf injury he’s been recovering from. He noted that he’s now at 100%, an should be back in the ring soon.

“100 percent now, I should be back pretty soon. I’m just picking my spots and making sure when I arrive, the mission is still at hand, which is with my right-hand man, 100 grand, Angelo Dawkins. And that’s winning the Undisputed Tag Team Championships,” Ford said.

Ford has not wrestled since he and Angelo Dawkins defeated Alpha Academy at the WWE live event on September 24. Ford appeared on RAW a few weeks back while wearing a walking boot.

Ford and Belair appeared on “Today” to officially announce their WWE reality series, which was first revealed during the recent WWE Q3 earnings call. We noted how the 8-episode series will air on Hulu. Ford and Belair revealed how filming will begin in the next few weeks, adding that they are excited and nervous to show fans who they are outside of the ring.

You can see footage from the “Today” appearance below:

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