Molly Holly On Which WWE Star She’s Impressed With

on recently spoke to women’s wrestling legend Molly Holly before she was a surprise entrant in last Sunday’s women’s Royal Rumble match. The two-time WWE Women’s Champion discussed how she got her start in the WWE.

Holly currently serves as a female coach at “The Academy School of Professional Wrestling” in Minneapolis, Minnesota owned by Ken Anderson and Shawn Daivari, so she’s helping to mold the future of women’s wrestling. As far as current female superstars, Holly said she’s a huge fan of SmackDown Live women’s champion Charlotte. She said she’s impressed with Charlotte’s combination of strength and high-flying abilities, so she enjoys watching her compete.

“Charlotte really impressed me when she started doing some gymnastics things,” she said. “These are things normally done by girls when they’re five-foot-one and eighty pounds. But the fact that she can do them and she’s so big is remarkable. I remember the first time I saw Brock Lesnar do this top-roll thing, and I was like, ‘What? Wow! But he’s huge!’ So that’s how I feel with Charlotte – she’s doing things that gravity is screaming, ‘Don’t do that!’ And she’s like, ‘F you gravity!’ So, she really blows my mind.”

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