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MJF On His Contract With Wardlow


During an interview with Fightful, MJF spoke on his contract with Wardlow. Here’s what he had to say:

I make of the fact that I book his matches because he is under contract with me, and I enjoy getting my half of his winner’s purse. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you guys how much of his winner’s purse I get, but the bottom line is he should be very proud of himself. He’s doing a hell of a job. One day, I firmly believe that he can become a top guy. That time is not now. Right now he has one job and that job is that he protects me. He comes with me to the Inner Circle, he will need to protect the Inner Circle as well. Wherever I go, he goes. That’s his job

Here’s what the contract states, realistically with how much money I pay this young man. I’ll be honest, I house his whole family, essentially, with how much money I pay him. The contract goes like this—do what I say.

Credit: Fightful.

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