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MJF Defends Pro Wrestling vs. MMA, Teases UFC 282 Appearance to Confront Top UFC Star


New AEW World Champion MJF is teasing an appearance at UFC 282 on Saturday, December 10 in Las Vegas.

MJF and UFC star “The Baddy” Paddy Pimblett had an exchange in the comments section on Instagram this week after Pimblett commented on an MJF interview clip, where he talked about how dangerous pro wrestling is, saying it’s riskier than MMA. Pimblett and other MMA fighters commented on the video, with Pimblett calling MJF a clown.

The exchange continued with Paddy writing, “@the_mjf I do have Knowledge about mma tho don’t I? Which u have zero knowledge about so let’s not go there [laughing emoji] if u wanna have a real fight let’s sort it with the @ufc if not pipe down! Oh tell ur boss to sign me up when yous come to Fulham’s groun I be ready son [hugging face emoji] [kiss face emoji]”

While Pimblett called MJF out for when AEW visits London in 2023, MJF responded and also mentioned the show. He tagged UFC President Dana White and AEW President Tony Khan.

“@theufcbaddy hey bud. @aew has a show coming up in your neck of the woods. If you’re man enough I’ll gladly show you how real I am @tonyrkhan @danawhite,” MJF wrote.

Pimblett responded, “@the_mjf I’ve just said that u spaceman [laughing emoji] don’t act asif ur calling for it I’ve just told u straight when yous come to Fulham’s ground (craven cottage) get ur boss @tonyrkhan to message my boss @danawhite and see what we can sort [hugging face emoji] because I know full well you won’t pass a USADA drug test to fight in the @ufc [laughing emoji x 3]”

MJF wrote back, “@theufcbaddy unlike you I’m 100% natural and I’m also 100% original. Unlike you. You’re dollar store Connor McGregor talking, Will from strangers things looking ass wouldn’t last two seconds in my world. #Betterthanyou See you in London.”

MJF posted a screenshots of those Instagram comments to Twitter and captioned them with, “See you around ‘baddy’.”

He added in a follow-up tweet, “Grammar off cuz I’m talking shit to this clown while going 100mph on the stair master”

Pimblett is scheduled to fight Jared Gordon at UFC 282 next month. MJF later spoke with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi and teased an appearance at the pay-per-view.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if the AEW world champion shows up on Dec. 10 in Vegas,” MJF said.

MJF also told ESPN, “I’m sick and tired of people talking about pro wrestling as if it’s some fucking stunt show. The fact of the matter is Paddy ‘The Prima Donna’ Pimblett would not last two seconds in a professional wrestling ring with me. Maybe not even one.”

MJF pointed to how pro wrestlers get CTE, have been paralyzed from the neck down, and have even died during matches, while the latte two have not happened very much in MMA.

“This fat, moon-faced prick, Will-from-Stranger-Things-looking asshole dollar store Conor McGregor decided he needed to chirp up and say, ‘Oh, wrestling is fake,’” MJF said. “Let me tell you something. We are real fighters. They are prima donnas.”

MJF said he could confront Pimblett in Las Vegas next month, but “is Paddy the Baddy even worth my time?” If not, MJF said Pimblett should meet him next year when AEW goes to London for their UK debut.

“Pro wrestling is a dangerous, dangerous sport, and there is no one more dangerous than MJF,” the AEW Champion told ESPN. “I can assure you when we come to London in 2023, if Paddy shows his face, he’s going to find out that a Scouser [a native or inhabitant of Liverpool, England] is no match for a Long Islander. Because I’m better than him and he knows it. There’s a target on my back at all times. Like I said, if ‘Paddy the Baddy’ thinks he can aim at that target and hit it, I am more than game. More than game to knock that guy out.”


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