Miz won his first match of 2023 (over a non-injured opponent) last night


WWE’s YouTube

The Miz’s job is not to win matches. It’s to be an obnoxiously arrogant guy that fans want to see get beaten up, and to represent WWE at things like last Saturday’s MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game.

But still, the veteran is a two-time WWE champion, an eight-time Intercontinental & two-time United States champ, an eight-time Tag titleholder, and a former Mr. Money in the Bank. He has to win sometimes, right?

Well, not this year. If we son’t count his pinfall victory over Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 39 after Shane O’Mac tore his quad (and we don’t), his Bronson Reed-assisted win over Tommaso Ciampa on the July 10 Raw was his first win of 2023. It’s Miz’s first ‘W’ since beating Dexter Lumis with the help of a returning Reed on Dec. 19 of last year.

It’s a fun, somewhat surprising stat. But as we said, Miz isn’t headed to the Hall of Fame because of his win-loss record, or really any of those accolades we listed above. No, he’s great because he can go backstage after winning his first match in more than six months and nail a promo where he screams “I’M A WINNER” repeatedly while proclaiming himself “I am the toughest man in WWE”.

That’s awesome. Even at 1-25 on the year.

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