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Mickie James Was Originally Gonna Retire Back In 2016 But Then Got The Call For NXT Takeover Match With Asuka


The legendary Mickie James recently appeared on the Wrestling with Rip Rogers’ YouTube channel to discuss a wide range of industry-related topics, which included the former women’s champion revealing that she was originally going to retire in 2016 prior to her NXT Takeover Toronto matchup with Asuka, a match that led to her WWE return. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says she was originally going to retire in 2016, but then the NXT Takeover match with Asuka happened:

“I had the opportunity to go away when I had Donovan [her son] and then obviously, right before I was gonna go back to WWE in 2016 before that Asuka match, I was really going to retire then and I was like, not that I can’t wrestle and I can’t go anymore but I don’t wanna retire on the indies in Hoboken in front of 200 people. I just don’t.”

How she is ready for one last run before she rides off into the sunset:

“So I just would rather quietly go in the sunset and stop taking bookings and I’d had Donovan and maybe just try to think about [the] next chapter and then NXT happened and then I ended up re-signing and having a whole second run and it was pretty awesome, you know? And it was amazing and I’m grateful for it now and IMPACT but I do think I have so much going on right now in wrestling and out of wrestling that I just want more time to focus on it and yeah, I think one last run and it’s time to, you know, just do things, real-life things.”

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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