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Mia Yim Explains Why She Returned To WWE


Mia Yim spoke with Steve Fall’s Ten Count to talk about her return to WWE.

During it, the WWE Raw star spoke about why she returned to the company after being let go last year. She has since aligned herself with The OC.

“Triple H. I have a lot of respect for him and when I found out that he took over, he was bringing all my friends back, and it was the right time, right place. Working under him with NXT has been so fun. It’s so easy to talk to him that it was an easy decision for me to come back with him in charge for sure.”

“Ever since day one, since meeting him, he just has that vibe that you can approach him about anything. If something’s going on that you need time off or if you have a creative idea, it’s just so easy to just approach him. I don’t know. It’s his energy. It’s his vibe.”

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