Mercato: Thunderbolt, a huge surprise confirmed for Zidane’s future?


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Executioner of Brazil in 1998 and 2006, Zinédine Zidane could well succeed Tite. The name of the French technician is part of a long list established by the Brazilian Football Federation. His profile seduces in South America and he can count on the support of certain players who have passed through Real Madrid such as Rodrygo or Vinicius Jr.

It’s no secret that Zinédine Zidane dreams ofFrench team since he left the real Madrid in May 2021. But the likely extension of Didier Deschamps condemns, for the moment, his hopes. Waiting to take the lead Blues, Zidanetempted by a return, could head for another selection.

The incredible Brazilian track for Zidane

As confirmed The Team this Sunday, Zinedine Zidane could handle the Brazil. His profile seduces within the Brazilian Football Federationdespite his past with theFrench team. He could then become the first foreign coach since Filpo Nunez in 1965 to settle on the bench.

Other names on the Federation’s shortlist

Many players passed under his orders at the real Madrid militate for his arrival as Casemiro, Vinicius Jr. or Rodrygo. But Zidane is not the only active track. The Team cites other prestigious names such as Marcelo Gallardo, Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino, Roberto Martinez Where Rafael Benítez.

Mercato: Thunderbolt, a huge surprise confirmed for Zidane’s future? 24hfootnews.

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