Mbappé: New bomb in Spain, PSG can fear the worst


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The versions diverge about Kylian Mbappé. The French press keeps talking about the French player’s attachment to PSG. But in Spain, we prefer to announce his upcoming arrival at Real Madrid, the club of his dreams. The 1998 world champion could land in the Spanish capital to replace Karim Benzema.

It’s no secret, the real Madrid dreams of recruiting Kylian Mbappé, and has done so for several years. After multiple failures, the Spanish club thought they had completed this file last year. But after thinking for a long time about leaving the PSG, the player finally accepted the extension proposal sent by his managers. A two-year contract was signed last May. From, Mbappe seems to have digested this soap opera. Smiling in the Parisian jersey, the 24-year-old is focused on his Parisian journey, pushing back his childhood dreams. But in Spainhis arrival at Real Madrid is still hoped for.

Mbappé to replace Benzema?

Journalist for brand, Pablo Polo suggests that the real Madrid could try his luck again at the end of the season. “ The soap opera last year did not end well with the extension at PSG, but Real Madrid are forced to get their hands on a number nine to replace Benzema. Time passes and it is obvious that you need a striker who scores goals. Kylian we will see (…) Real Madrid will be on the subject of Mbappé in 2023. If it is not possible this summer, he may wait until 2024” he told alexander Ruiz.

Real Madrid fans hold a grudge

But among the supporters, Mbappe would be far from unanimous. ” Time passes, 99% of socios will say “no” today (to the transfer of Mbappé). But I go out into the street, and it’s obvious that there are fans who think with their heads, not with their hearts. said Pablo Polo.

Mbappé: New bomb in Spain, PSG can fear the worst 24hfootnews.

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