Mbappe cash! Macron has “no influence” on his future


Present at a press conference, Kylian Mbappé answered questions about his future, not without hiding his annoyance.

I don’t have a scoop but I’ll try to push for“. These few words from Emmanuel Macron to respond to a child who had questioned him about the future of Kylian Mbappé obviously reached the ears of the captain of the Blues. Present at a press conference this Thursday, the Paris Saint-Germain striker was questioned about his relationship with the head of state. Asked whether the latter could have an influence on his career choices, Mbappé was very clear.

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On my career, today, in June 2023, no influence!he let go, with a closed face and an annoyed tone, while taking care to repeat what he has been saying for weeks. Like I said before, he wants me to stay in Paris but my goal is to stay, so I think we’re on the same page. »

Mbappé very clear about Macron’s role

With his reference to time by referring to today’s date, Kylian Mbappé recalls in his own way the role of Emmanuel Macron in his contract extension in the spring of 2022, while affirming that the situation has visibly changed. “There are lots of things I didn’t understand and in life there are lots of things you don’t understand. They do not have all the ins and outs of this file and too bad for them unfortunately. I’m sad for them but too bad for them. I know what I do and why I say what I say, and the main thing is that. And there is no problem with that”.

Mbappe cash! Macron has “no influence” on his future 24hfootnews.

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