Mbappé calls for reinforcement, he answers present


Kylian Mbappé is the new captain of the France team. The crack of Bondy learned it from the voice of Didier Deschamps, while he was on waivers with Antoine Griezmann. At 24, Mbappé knows there are more experienced players in the squad who could also have a leadership role. This is the case of Adrien Rabiot, who sees himself endorsing himself as a boss in the locker room and on the field.

Adrien Rabiot had not started his adventure with the France team in the best way. In 2018, he refused reservist status for the World Cup, while he claimed a place in the group to compete in the world in Russia. Didier Deschamps had mentioned a youthful mistake, which seems to have been completely forgotten today, both the middle of the Turin Juventus is an important element of the tricolor coach.

“I will open the possibility for others to express themselves”

At a press conference on Thursday, Kylian Mbappe had discussed the leadership that other players can have, even if he is the captain of the team of France : “ I will be turned towards others, I don’t want to decide or impose, I will open up the possibility for others to express themselves. We showed that when everyone had their place we could do great things, it would be a mistake to upset all that. »

“I feel ready to be a boss”

A statement from the captain Mbappe, which was heard by Adrien Rabiot. Indeed, the midfielder of the team of France explained that he wanted to become one of the group’s bosses in an interview with the Figaro : “ A boss in the group? Yes, I feel ready. I want it. The experience gained over the competitions, but also in my everyday life, makes me move forward. Some have stopped, others are coming, so my status changes too. I want to take on this new role, like a big brother. I don’t feel old even if young people arrive, and I would even say that I have not yet reached the best age and the best period of my life as a footballer. »

Mbappé calls for reinforcement, he answers present 24hfootnews.

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