Matteo Berrettini: “The last few months have been hell”


Matteo Berrettini’s path at Wimbledon was interrupted in the round of 16 under the blows of an extraordinary Carlos Alcaraz. The Italian fought on equal terms for almost two sets, but the Spaniard further raised the level in the important moments.

The path experienced by Berrettini, especially considering the complicated months that preceded Wimbledon, could really represent a new starting point. In an interview for Sky Sport, the Italian admitted that he has finally found joy on the court.

He told: “A difficult run-up to think about. There have been many reverses this year, so it’s difficult to say that thanks to a tournament the run-up starts again. But I have rediscovered the joy of doing what I chose as a child, this is the most beautiful thing.

Unfortunately today didn’t go as I hoped, Carlos played better than me. I found a lot of awareness, which in part I had never lost. I’ve always known who I am and what I’ve done and think I’m doing, but feeling it in my heart every now and then is good.

Did the service work less well? Yes sure. I expected it, because Carlos is one of the best in return together with Novak Djokovic. There was a lot of wind and the ball moved a lot, it wasn’t easy to find rhythm. I felt I was less effective than in other matches. It was definitely one of the keys to the match.”

Matteo Berrettini: “The last few months have been hell”

Berrettini  added: ”  Injuries? The truth is that I have always looked for a motivation in regards to injuries, and it is always difficult to find.

I have done all possible tests. Tournaments like this come where I feel good; others where the body does not respond. Programming has always been balanced. The goal is to continue to feel good even if it means skipping some tournaments.

The last few months have been hell. Now I’m fine but I have to remember where I started from. Maybe I’ll leave Toronto, maybe sooner. I’ll have to talk to my team. I’ve found that ultimately this is the thing I like to do.”

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