Matt Riddle Calls Raw & Smackdown “Watered Down Products”


Matt Riddle was recently interviewed by TMZ. During the interview, he referred to both Raw and Smackdown as being “watered down”. Here are the highlights:

On NXT Being Fresh & Raw & Smackdown Being Watered Down:

I think we’re just different and I know that’s easy to say. We’re different, we’re new, we’re fresh, and we’re not the same watered down child’s product WWE’s kind of turned into a lot. When people watch us – even thought it’s scripted a lot of the time – it’s more real. It’s more believable.

On How He’d Improve The Product:

I would say you have to bring in some of the talent and not just a couple here and there. You’d have to bring enough in, so we can make the other roster members change.

On If He Wants To Be On The Main Roster:

Funny enough, I was thinking about that the other day and I want to get to the main roster, but then I was thinking, ‘Maybe I’m thinking about it wrong,’ because NXT is so hot, maybe we should stay and try to build NXT and make it bigger than RAW and SmackDown, and just be the big guy, which isn’t impossible, I don’t think.

On Vince McMahon Being A Potential Roadblock:

I think the big thing is Vince [McMahon] owns RAW and SmackDown – he owns everything – those are his babies. He’s had them forever, so I think the probability of actually taking over at that level is probably hard, but at the same time, I don’t see it too far from the future of us being on the same playing field as RAW and SmackDown.

On John Cena:

He might want to wrestle, but I kind of want to fight him and see where it goes.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking

Credit: TMZ.

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