Matt and Jeff have now begun ..


According to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, Matt and Jeff have now begun preliminary talks about a return to Vince McMahon and WWE. The talks are very early in the process as of this moment, but should there be no speed bumps along the way, it should really only be a matter of time before the “Broken Brilliance” will make its mark on the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

Now that also may be where some fans will become a little uneasy. Over the course of the past year, the “Broken” characters — Matt Hardy, especially — have really taken off not just in Impact Wrestling, but in independent promotions all over the world. The brainchild of Matt has become so big, in fact, that you would sometimes hear the infamous “DELETE!” chants at various WWE shows around the country, signaling the mainstream attention that it had been receiving. Part of the reason the gimmick took off so far was because Matt was behind it 100 percent, something that could be a problem should they return to WWE.

It was reported that part of the reason the talks with Impact fell through was due to the fact that the complete creative control over the characters would be stripped away. As we all know by now, Vince doesn’t let any performer have complete control over their characters, so if anything, the talks between the two sides should be very interesting in that regard.

For now, though, the Broken Hardy brothers seem on a fast track for a return to the company that made them huge stars to begin with.

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